Thursday, December 16, 2010

Five great things a woman can do to be better in bed!

No one wants to be a vegetable in bed, nor do men want to have sex with one.  Sex is the major reason why marriages and relationships fall apart and if you feel like yours need saving, then follow these rules and you'll be sure to keep your man hooked for the rest of your time together. 

  1. Be all done up - Sure you could do all kinds of different positions and maybe give him the best BJ of his life, but if you look like you just came out of a farm, he'll probably just be closing his eyes throughout the entire act. So be sexy, wear heels, wear a little lingerie, let down your hair, wear some make-up(at least a little lipstick), shave, put lotion on so that your skin is silky smooth, brush your teeth, maybe a little nail polish too if you've got the time. If you don't look the part, you're already losing 3 points on the sex scale from 1 to 10.
  2. Lure him into bed the right way - “Hey honey, wanna have sex?”. This may seem convenient for the both of you as it is forward and oh so clear, but honestly how do I put it to you gently? Yeah NOT sexy. Here is one of the right ways to do it: After you are done with number one above, go find your man. When you do, face the wall by standing 2 feet away from it with your right hand  flat on it, your legs slightly apart. Make eye contact with him and grab the back of your hair as if you were  making a fist. Lick your lips. Remember, this is all happening while you are looking at him with a sexy look. After that, slide your hand down your breast and then onto your butt. Slap it! Yes I said slap it! Now that you really have his attention, give him the “Come here” sign with your index finger. Slowly start heading to the bedroom. DONE.
  3. Have porn attitude - Nothing says I love you better than a fuck me look. Do your man a favor and have the bitch attitude in bed. Bite your lips while making deep eye contact with him, whisper nasty things in his ear, tongue kiss him with passion before making your way all the way down, all the while staring at him with a sensual look. Flipping your hair once from one side to the other while he doggystyles you can make things a little more alive. You can even bite your lower lip gently right after that, making him feel like you're really into it.
  4. Don't let the man do all the work - Even if you're in a position where he has full control, such as doggystyle, you can also move back and forth while following his rhythm. If you really don't feel like moving, at least show a little effort and touch yourself and moan a little louder, that's the least you can do.
  5. Watch porn and more porn - This may sound crazy but the more you watch porn, the better you will become sexually. Not only will you learn more tricks and techniques, but you will also become more comfortable with the idea of doing something that you were uneasy about doing in the first place. Me for instance, sperm had always been an issue. Having it spread on my face was one thing, but to have a man shoot his juice inside my mouth was unthinkable. Now after having seen so many women getting the “money shot”, I feel like it isn't a big deal anymore. And since I've become more comfortable with the thought of doing that, I let my man do it anytime he wants. I guess you can say that getting over an idea starts with appeasing your mind, and when it comes to sex, porn is the best way.

    7 Things that are wrong with Porn from a girl's POV

    Ok, I really meant to keep this to myself but it's gotten to the point where I have to critically watch porn every time I get around to it. Trust me, "critically" and "porn" are two words I never thought I 'd put together in one sentence. So here, I'll share; I can't possibly be the only one who's noticed all of this:

    1. The Broken Jerk Off - I see this happen WAY too often, and I'm sure you've noticed it too. This usually takes place when a girl is jacking off a man and as soon as she sees him cumming, she stops stroking before he is a quarter way done. For the love of God, keep stroking!!!! When his magic juice comes out , your job is to continue milking him for about 15 seconds until he lets out a heavy sigh, that's your sign right there that he is done. Don't just stop in the middle of his orgasm, that's the worst thing you can do to a man. It's simple cock science.
    2. The Twister Effect - Do you really believe that doing a twister hand move on his shaft is going to bring a man more pleasure? Well think again because when I see a guy masturbating, I don't see him do the twister effect. That should give you a hint. Try sticking to the standard up and down hand movement while teasing his frenulum, it works every time.
    3. Fuck Yeah! - I approve of dirty talk and I encourage it as long it is done with taste and class. If I hear the "Fuck Yeah" one more time, I think I'll get my clitoris cut off. Not only does it sound fake, but it also sounds more idiotic than the "ROFLMAO" trend.
    4.  The Speedy Handjob - Another thing that bothers me is when I see porn stars jerking off their on screen partners at 150 mph. Your hand is not a speeding car, and his dick is certainly not a washing machine at the end of its cycle. Is it an orgasm you want him to have, or are you trying to set his cock on fire?
    5. Genitalia Spitting - I understand that people spitting on each other's genitalia is visually arousing to some, but to my eyes, it's the grossest thing. And it's not the saliva itself that disgusts me, it's really the action of spitting that repulses me, whether it's on a penis or on a clit. From my own experience, men don't like their bj with too much saliva on it, simply because their penis becomes too lubricated and they can hardly feel anything.
    6. Gargling - What happened to the good ol' sweet moaning sound that girls make when they give a blowjob? It seems to me that it's been replaced by a gargling sound that I can only describe as someone choking on a penis while using Listerine.
    7. And last on the list ...*drum rolls*... It's the Blowjob Knockoff!!!!!! - I'm sorry but an orally ASSISTED hand job is not a bj. And if he is the one suddenly fucking your mouth or controlling your head movement, it's probably because you're doing it wrong. There should be no stroking while giving a bj, because that's cheating. And if it takes more time that way, well suck it up, literally.
    So there, I said it!